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Sounds Like

Combine Maroon 5 with John Mayer, perhaps throw in a little Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars, and you may have something similar to Aaron Chase’s brand of pop. Aaron believes that just because a song is catchy, doesn’t mean it can’t be musically stimulating; just because you remember the lyrics, doesn’t mean they can’t be deep; just because someone is a singer songwriter, doesn’t mean they don’t take guitar solos and most importantly, just because we call it “pop,” doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.


Born outside of Boston, MA, baby Aaron was often toted to recording studios when his parents couldn't find a baby sitter. By the time Aaron was forming memories his father had built a commercial recording studio of his own and Aaron took to it imediately, pretending to work the faders and playing the instruments when the studio wasn't in use. Through the years Aaron experimented with learning various instruments, drums, piano, voice, trumpet, but it wasn't until highschool that he found guitar. He attended and graduated Berklee College of Music with a Bachelors in Songwriting and Guitar Performance. Although, he has always been fascinated with songwriting, it was here where he began to truly work on his craft of writing, recording, producing and performing his own songs. Aaron has since built up a home studio of his own, and does all the recording and production of his music himself.