Here is an up to date google calendar with all the shows I/we are playing, look for "Full Band" shows to hear the music as it's meant to be heard! "Solo Acoustic" shows will be longer shows with Aaron playing mostly covers. This calendar shows dates a few months a head, to look further into the future click the "look for more" link.


Aaron couldn't find the music he wanted to listen to. Always a lover of the catcy melodies and excellent production found in pop music, he also loved rich, musically interesting chord progressions, deep lyrics and the magic of improvisation. Aaron set out to create electronic dance pop with a deep musicality that doesn't distract the casual listener but will keep a musically refined ear interested.


Aaron was born ourtside of Boston, MA, to two musician parents. Growing up in his father's recording studio, he was immersed in not only music, but the music creation process. He naturally gravitated to performing and began seriously studying guitar in high school. It soon became apparent that music would be his career and applied to only one college, Berklee College of Music.

It was at Berklee that Aaron began to study the craft of guitar, songwriting, recording and performing. He graduated and began performing in the area, with bands and solo. He has performed all over the greater Boston Area while recording his debut release "Diary of a Thief EP". The genre of his music could be simply called "pop" but goes a bit deeper.

He adds his skilled guitar work to EDM grooves to create the foundation, over which his soulful tenor voice (often compared to Adam Levine and Jason Mraz) soars. Although he claims his songs are not autobiographical, they are often about twisted relationships full of infidelity and powerful emotions. With catchy melodies and lyrics woven with chord progressions that are just complex enough to keep the ear guessing yet repetitive enough to never have your ear become confused, he brings a deep musicality to the pop genre that's missing today.

September 16th, 2016


Over the past 8 years I have been going back and forth from short periods of working hard, to longer periods of getting distracted by life, jobs, girlfriends, dogs, family... you know the story, wa wa poor me, right?

Over these past 8 years I have written, recorded, rerecorded, thrown out, loved and hated probably two full albums worth of songs. I truly wish I had put them all out when I wrote them, no they weren't perfect, and I cringe listenening to recordings of them today, but while playing songs live, they evolve and change, possiblly into something great, now I'll never have them... and I would probably have connections and a fanbase, too. again, wa wa poor me. :'(

However!! also over these past 8 years of being distracted and scattered, I aquired quite the eclectic toolbox of skills, graphic design, web design, video production, audio production, people skills, live performance skills, dance skills... little did I know, but all this time I "wasted" has turned me into a person ideally suited to thrive in this #$%^&* up music industry we have today.

I have an EP with 7 tracks that I love. I love them all.. no, they're not perfect, I don't have a $100,000 production team, but I love them. I'm finishing up the mixing and mastering process and I've been thinking about what to do next. Here's my plan.


4, maybe 5 of the 7, I think can kick ass as singles, I'm going to release one song and one video one at a time, then release the EP with a few bonus tracks after the singles have had a chance to live their own lives. I put together a kick ass band with a kick ass live show, planning on a tour to support the EP.

Ok that just came out super quick and sounds really easy.. I've been thinking hard about this problem for months in order to come up with this plan.

I just finished editing the first video and let me tell you, from getting all the neccessary minimum people, scheduling around everyone's busy lives, actually getting through the day of, editing the footage (oh god), learning how to use new video software... This plan is going to take a lot of planning and a lot of sustained hard work to pull off!

but I refuse to let these past 8 years be for naught.

I've given myself 1 year starting this Septemer 1 to make this happen. This will be the first year of hard work in my life. See you on the otherside, hopefully I'll be famous!


Check back here for the newest info on what's going on with us!

August 14, 2017

New Single Out Today!

Mascara (What Good's a Heart)

The song is reminiscent of Alex Clare crossed with Maroon 5. Still fitting with Aaron’s pop/dance/rock sound, this one pushes into new territory with a heavy dub step feel in the chorus. Lyrically, it gets dark, dealing with confusing feelings involving an old lover making bad decisions and struggling with whether to be complicit in her self destructive actions.