Here are a few videos from our youtube channel,

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Stop Me

Our first single, Stop Me, Check it out!


Uptown Funk

here's a super fun cover I did with a few friends of mine!

This Christmas

This is perhaps my favorite christmas song, by Donny Hathaway. I did this one live, and then went back and played the bass and added some shaker along with my original live track. I think it might have turned out a little bit better had I done bass and percussion first, but I think it came out ok.


This one is my favorite so far, I really got creative trying to make all the different sounds on this song. Everything you hear is made by my hands on the guitar or my voice.

Counting Stars

I went all out on this one, I had just got my new DSLR camera and really tried to get some cool shots


This one was a ton of fun, well performing it was fun, editing it was a nightmare

I Won't Give Up

What a great song this is, this one took me two straight days of hard work to get done

Locked Out of Heaven

probably my least favorite, love the song, just not a fan of my performance. I did this one live

Cry Me a River

My first video ever!